We work hand in hand with our sister company Welldex who have over 90 years of experience in every single aspect of Logistics and Customs Brokerage, from Freight Forwarder to door-to-door deliveries.

They have 2 main hubs in the U.S. located in Laredo, TX and McAllen, TX. These hubs assist in realizing any type of movement necessary within our yards. Whether its distribution or transloading, we assist in any maneuver possible.

We aim to provide the best customer satisfaction with our service and team. A means to every solution. We focus on the best performance and safety possible for our clients. In return providing excellence with our shipments.


Our expertise running routes in the midwest is our main advantage.

Whether it's northbound or southbound, our service and performance are ideal in calculating and operating these routes.

Delivering the best customer satisfaction is our main priority managing with our complete fleet of specialized CDL drivers utilizing dry and refrigerated trailers. 


Looking for border drayage as well?  With our strategic alliances in MX and Canada, we make it possible.

We specialize with our trailer interchange using transportation companies surrounding the Nafta zone.

That guarantees that our shipment is delivered from origin to final destination with the same trailer regardless of which border it crosses.  


Our units run with dual border plates.

No matter what side of the border the shipment is at, we can assure its border drayage, crossing every trailer with our trailers thanks to those border license plates.  


OMNITRACS includes a wide range of software and vehicle fleet management tools. From trucking software to the ELD & all other systems, Omnitracs offers effective and easy-to-use products. It develops efficient routes, guarantees the fulfillment of the latest regulations of the industry, protects the drivers and more with the software of Fleet administration of Omnitracs vehicles. Proven management solution for every aspect of your fleet. Managing an efficient and profitable fleet is not an easy task. It needs solutions that meet the needs of its drivers, vehicles, customers and managers, while complying with government regulations. Omnitracs allow you to address every aspect of ACTIFREIGHT® with proven fleet management solutions including:

  • Data + Analytics / Analyze every data possible and inform the complete fleet to help assist in fixing past mistakes for a better future. it is a resourceful tool for better decisions on the road.
  • Planning + Delivery / Planning the necessities of the drivers, orders, tractors and Clients, The Omnitracs system assists in pre-determining existing and new routes efficiently. We deliver in real time GPS tracking to execute the perfect delivery.
  • Productivity / Maximize the best fleet performance as we obtain valuable information in relation to driver activity and routes.